Thursday, 3 May 2012

That’s What She Said: ES A613 Eyelashes!

It’s all about the lashes! Sparse and short are two words I would use to describe mine. It sucks, but that's what falsies are for!


So today I have a false eyelash review for you! The ES A613’s* come in a box of ten. Handmade with a transparent stem, these beauties claim to make your eyes look bigger and more attractive. They feel really soft compared to some of the other pairs of lashes I have (Nouveau I'm looking at you!) which is really a plus for me. I don't want plasticy feeling things on my eyes.

_DSC0088edit _DSC0096edit

I’ve found they’re actually pretty easy to apply, more so than the Fero Beauty ones i was previously using. They add just enough length to make my eyes look abit more dramatic, but still natural! They most definitely open up my eyes more.


I would still recommend lining the upper eye with black, especially if your not an expert on falsies. As you can see in the image below, they add gorgeous length to little lashed people (you can see a picture of my bare eye here)!

For those of you who want to know, my eye-shadow is Victorian Disco Frozen Throne* and Sin’dorei*.


Priced at $14.90/£9.27 for 10 pairs, I get about 3-4 wears out of each set. You can buy the ES A813* at KKCenterHK Here! I really recommend checking them out. You can definitely expect to see them in some of my upcoming looks!
I have also kindly been offered a discount code for my readers! Enter bloodfeatherslipstick at the checkout for 10% off KKCenterHK products.

What is your favorite brand of falsies?


*PR Sample
Disclaimer: These lashes were sent to me by KKCenterHK but this in no way effects my opinion of the product, I am always honest.


  1. I like how subtle and transparent they are. They look nice on you :]

  2. Those look great! I like Ardell lashes and my newest favorite are definitely Sugarpill lashes! :)


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