Thursday, 24 May 2012

That’s What She Said: Darling Girl Cosmetics Review Kit!

I’m going through a bit of an indie kick at the moment, lusting after countless products by several different companies. Unfortunately, money is tight so I can mostly only devour their websites and pine. I came across the “Blogger Review Kit” from Darling Girl Cosmetics last month, for only $1 plus shipping it gave me some new pretties to play with and temporarily sated my cravings.


Darling Girl is a Texas based company established in June 2010, owner Susan states on the Home Page that everyone at every budget should be able to have quality affordable makeup.
The Review Kit comes with 4 loose shadows or loose blushes and 1 lip product of your choice. I chose 3 eye shadows in London Calling, Totally Teal and Midnight Sea, Pixie Soft Focus Blush and Colour Rich Lip Balm in Daphne. I was happy to see two extra eye shadows samples also, in Uprising and Mean Streets of Passadena.

_DSC0001edit _DSC0011edit

The turnaround time is abit longer with indie companies but I received my shipping notice earlier than expected. The sample baggies each contain 1/8 tsp of product, more than enough for a few uses. To be honest, I don't think I've ever even finished a sample bag. My favourite so far has to be Midnight Sea followed closely by Totally Teal. I have no complaints at all about the application or wear time. The below swatches (apart from the blush) are show wet with Mac Fix+ and dry.

[L-R: Pixie Soft Focus Blush, London Calling & Totally Teal]

[L-R: Midnight Sea, Uprising & Mean Streets of Pasadena]

Pixie Soft Focus Blush: Pinkish mauve with a satin finish.
London Calling: Indigo base with heavy red shift.
Totally Teal: Matte teal base with red/pink "diamond dust" glitter.
Midnight Sea: Matte, royal purple base with turquoise shift.
Uprising: Colour-shifting copper laid over a black base.
Mean Streets of Pasadena: Mix of royal blue and purple with blue and purple sparkles.

Full sizes come in a 5g jar with 3/4 tsp of product priced at $5.90.
Petite sizes come in a 3g jar with 1/4 tsp of product priced at $2.50.

_DSC0010 (2)edit_DSC0002 (2)edit

Kiss You Off: Color Rich Lip Balm in Daphne: Magenta ribboned with delicate, lavender sparkles.

Daphne has an average wear time, is moisturising and gives a decent colour payoff. The full size contains 0.07 oz of product and comes in a slime line lipbalm tube priced at $5.25.
I’m overall pretty impressed by Darling Girl Cosmetics and am really looking forward to trying some more of their products in the future, especially some lip glosses.

Have you ever tried Darling Girl? What are your favourite products?



  1. I loooovvvveee Darling Girl! I think her eyeshadows kick butt in the sparkle department and her lippies are phenomenal. Definitely try Jewelled Taupe eyeshadow sometime -- it's amazing!

  2. I'm such a huge DG fan! Love these colors you got as part of the review kit!


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