Friday, 16 March 2012

Makeup Demonstration with Illamasqua’s Alex Box

Hey lovelies! As those of you who are following me on Twitter may have seen, me and fellow blogger Katie got to see the amazing Alex Box, Internationally renowned makeup artist and Creative Director of Illamasqua, at work this morning! She was doing a demonstration for the makeup students at our university, so of course we snuck in, neither of us actually being makeup students! Shhh!

_DSC0033edit _DSC0031edit

The way she worked was so inspirational. Sure, I don't actually want to be a makeup artist, but using emotion to guide her work is something I'd love to incorporate into my photography. The work she did with photographer Rankin, is one of my all time favourite collaborations, so actually seeing Alex Box work in the flesh was rather exciting to say the least.

“This is what we are, this is where we’re going".”

The way she described the new Human Fundamentalism collection was about embracing who we are and developing it. This particular point really stands out for me, and has actually really inspired me to embrace who I actually am, instead of trying to fit into an ideal. I’ve be suppressing my style, with makeup and clothing more and more since coming to university. Thinking that people wouldn’t take me seriously as a fashion photographer if I put crazy colours in my hair, or stomped around in platform boots. Well, screw them!
A little bit of self-reflection there! Anyway, have some pictures! Sorry about the quality, the lighting was terrible!


Thank you so much for the chance to see you at work Alex. You’re an inspiration to young women in such a judgmental society.


If any of you guys was a run-by of how she applied the look shown, just tweet me and I'll be happy to pass on my notes!


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