Saturday, 18 February 2012

That’s What She Said: Sigma Synthetic Face Kabuki’s!


Now as most of you may know, Sigma have a petty good reputation in the makeup and blogging world. Their affordable, high quality range of brushes cater for practically anything. A few months ago Sigma had a free shipping deal on, which I instantly jumped on. Usually shipping is about £10, a bit steep which has always put me off as I only intended to try a few brushes at first.

I ended up ordering 3 face brushes and one eye brush (which I will kind of touch on in this review), plus a free travel size E25.
I got the Synthetic Sigmax Duo Deal, featuring the F84 Angled Top Kabuki and the F82 Round Top Kabuki as well as the raved about F80 Flat Top Kabuki, all of which are synthetic. Apologies for the slightly miss matched brush colours, I’ve used the F80 for foundation and apparently haven't got all the product off when I washed it.

_DSC0004edit _DSC0011edit

The brushes arrived in cute little bags with plastic brush guards protecting them. I have to say the first thing I noticed was the handles. I actually love the feel of these brushes in my hands. They feel heavier than I imagined and very sturdy. The F84 and the F82 has matte handles and the F80 a varnished one.
Another thing I really like about the handles is the numbers are alongside the description of the brush. I don't really like when brushes have just numbers, there is no association there if your new to the brand or unfamiliar with it.


The brushes themselves are incredibly soft and dense, maybe too dense for my liking. I’ve been using the F80 Flat Top for foundation, and I have to say I personally prefer my stippling brush. I think it just puts my foundation on too heavy for what I’m liking at the moment. On a bad skin day I will go to this brush for a heavier application, but on a day to day basis I will use the a stipple brush. It really is a personal preference though, as I know my friend Katie swears by this brush for her foundation application.

The F84 Angled Top Brush I was using for a highlighter for a while, but again I think it’s too dense for a powder highlight at least. I may actually try this with a cream product as I think it would work much better!

Finally the F82 Round Top. I’ve actually not found a use for this! It’s not really worked on anything I've tried, so if any of you have a use for this one, or any of the brushes actually, leave me a comment below!


I’m not going to to into too much detail about the eye brushes, as one is coming up in post containing my Top 5 Eye Brushes! As I said earlier, I did order one eye brush which was the E45 Small Tapered Blending Brush. I have to say, I love it! Its my go too blending brush for an everyday natural look.

The E25 which came free with my order, is so cute! I use this when I travel home, as I’ve been trying to cut back on how many brushes I take with me, so have actually been looking into travel sets. It did have a scratch on the handle, but whatever it was free right?

I would love to hear your guys opinions on sigma, especially what you think of the F50 Duo Fibre Brush, as I think that will be my next purchase and the other eye brushes.
Remember to let me know if you’ve used the 3 face kabuki’s and what you used them for!



  1. F80 is fab for blending my face overall like to remove and blend any lines or colors.

  2. I love the F80 for foundation - if you don't want a heavy application lightly spritz some water or MAC Fix+ on the brush before applying it - it makes it less "full coverage".

    I'd also consider using the round top for maybe a cream or gel blush? However as I don't have it I can't say if it works well or not.

  3. I might do an order next time they have free shipping and i have some spare pennys. I tend to use duo fibre for cream highlighters and blushes and they work really with them.

  4. I really need to try Sigma brushes! I love synthetic brushes and they seem to have a nice selection of those x


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