Monday, 13 February 2012

The Makeup Files: Aftermath!

Hello dears! I was looking through a few snapshots and came across some from my last look, of the aftermath of my creative endeavours. Basically, the state of the area I do my makeup in! I thought I would start a mini series, where I will show you where I do my makeup, how i store it, where i do my blogging ect.
Now I'm currently living in my student house in Southampton, but will be going back home to the North West during summer. This causes storage problems as I’m not really anywhere permanent for the next year and a half at least. During this series though, I will show you where I keep all my makeup and products when I’m back home and at uni amongst other things.


I'm going to kick this off with the aftermath of me applying makeup. I usually sit in front of my mirror with the products on my computer desk. Now this always gets messy, with bits and bobs all over the show, especially when I'm using a lot of things in the look.


Anything that isn’t for the eyes is usually thrown on top of these multi drawers during application in case I need to touch up foundation or whatever.
The whole area gets pretty messy to be honest, and if I’m in a rush to go somewhere the stuff usually gets left until I return. I’m one of those people who will always leave things last minuet!

So there you are! A little insight to my makeup filled adventures. I’ll have better images for future posts, as this really was a spur of the moment idea!

What do you think of this series? I’d also love to see where you do your makeup, how you store it and the aftermath of applying it!
I’ve also realised I use a lot of exclamation marks!!!!!! =]



  1. I think that's so interesting, I always love these types of posts!

    In my old room I had a mirror at the end of my bed so I just left the mess there until I came home and yes my duvet was covered in make up.

    Now I am slightly more organised but I would love a vanity table

  2. Hey have you ever heard of Asile cosmetics? I found a deal for 30 brushes for 22.49 Inc postage and I'm so tempted but I don't know if they'll be any good.!shop/vstc2=brushes/productsstackergalleryv25=4
    Thats the link to their real website anyway and it's the new 30 Brush set that is on offer. I can send you the link for that if you want.

    1. Theres alot of those type of brushes around. It depends if you want really good quality ones or average ones. I have a big brush set like that, and tbh its meh. I only ever use some of the smaller eye brushes, and have since got alot better quality ones. It depends when your gonna be using them for i guess. ELF do some pretty good brushes for a decent price, i love the eye ones in particular!

    2. Wow! Those brushes are expensive! For that price you're better off buying a Sigma set :)

  3. :) Great post! I used to stand in my tiny bathroom and try to do my makeup, (which meant my stuff fell in the sink ..and once in the toilet {i threw it away :(}) and then I moved it to my computer desk! So now I have my desk covered in school stuff, tech stuff, and makeup :) I feel your pain!

  4. I also have storage problems but I'm trying to fix it.
    Anyway I found your blog through Beautylish and hope you could follow me back too! :)

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  6. Going to completely not contribute by saying FOR THE HORDE. Sorry, as you were...


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