Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Christmas Listing *hint hint*

Hey lovelies! I thought for todays post, I would do a little Christmas/wish list for things I'm wanting at the moment. I don't really write Christmas lists anymore, as i love surprises, but there's a few things I am wanting, and will probably buy most of them after the holiday season anyway ^_^

Christmas List

I'm actually going to be getting one of these from my parents this year (this exact model)! I already have a desktop, but this will be more handy for when I have to go home and want to do uni work on the go!

Urban Decay Book of Shadows 4
Even though the colours aren’t that original, I really want this! I love collection Urban Decay pallets and WILL have this eventually.

DKNY Be Delicious
One of my favourite scents. I don't actually have this, but every time i pass a fragrance counter I cant help but cover myself in it.

Twin Lens Reflex
I wish I could afford a Rollie! A less expensive equivalent would do hehe! I love medium format, so having one of these “cheaper” models would enable me to shoot on the go, wherever I'm going.

Arwen Evenstar Pendent
I would LOVE this necklace! I’m a massive Lord of the Rings fan, and would kill for any merch to be honest! This most of all though, its so beautiful. A Song of Ice and Fire, Ledged of Zelda and more geekery along them lines would be a welcome sight under the Christmas tree!

Bento Box
Isn’t it cute? I've been eyeing these up in Paperchase for months but have yet still to buy one. They would be perfect for me to throw in some pasta or noodles when I go to uni or travel.

Starwars the Old Republic
I am dying to get this game! Its an Online RPG which is out on the 20th. Being a 3 year Warcraft geek, its time to have a gander at something different! Hello Jane the sith!

Super Mario 64 DS
This was one of my favourite games on the Nintendo 64, but alas I rarely play it anymore due to my games console being back North. Of course the DS version just cant beat the original, but I’ll have a great few weeks playing it.

What have you asked for this Christmas?


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  1. Lol, well I wish I could get an advanced copy of A Song of Ice And Fire:The Winds of Winter


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