Thursday, 1 December 2011

Christmas Favourites: Glitter

Hey cupcakes! Todays post is about one of my absolute must haves for the season, Glitter! From glittery nail polish to glittery eye shadow, to me it really brings out the magic of Christmas. I always remember, as a child my favourite part of decorating the tree was the tinsel, and glitter reminds me of just that.


I’ve really been into glitter nail polish over the past month, and my Christmas nail looks will totally reflect that. I’ve been scouring the shops, picking up every shade I can find from a variety of different brands! I can’t stop myself, it’s just so pretty.
Two of my favourite brands at the moment are Stargazer and BarryM, both doing gorgeous affordable long wearing polishes. GOSH also do a few nail glitters which are great for a night out! See my past review of them HERE.

_DSC0066 (2)edit

I’ve also bought a few actual glitters! I’ve yet to try these as I need a sticky base, but will probably pick up the Too-Faced one soon. Expect to see lots of mega sparkly eye looks in this series! [Make sure to take care if glitter is eye-safe before use around the eyes]
What's your favourite part about Christmas, Cosmetics wise or other?


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