Saturday, 26 November 2011

My Photographic Practice!

Hey guys! Something a little different here! I thought I would just enlighten you all on what I'm doing within my little artistic bubble! As I've mentioned before, I'm currently on my second year of a BA(Hons) Photography degree. I don't really put much of my work up online, but that's about to change! I'm hoping that by regularly uploading what I'm making, i can motivate myself more. I’m not sure if this will take the form of a blog, or just adding images to flickr, as I have two very different styles! On one hand I love commercial photography. I aspire to be a fashion photographer in the future, its what I'm gearing my whole life towards. On the other hand, I love photography as an art form.

_DSC0241editsmall[Photography by me, Makeup by Charlotte Odell, March 2011]

The commercial side of my practice is something I think you guys would be interested in. This post is really just to make you aware that I am going to start getting my work out there, my fashion and beauty images more so in relation to this blog, as they will include lots of makeup and clothing inspiration and looks! If any of you are interested in the artistic side, let me know and I can point you in the direction of whatever I decide to do!

FIGURE015small[Photography by me, Shot in Black&White Medium Format, Scanned]

For now, I leave you with my flickr! Its not got much on it at the moment, but expect to see regular uploads (I hope anyway!) >>><<<



  1. I love the first picture! It reminds me of Lady Gaga's Hello Kitty photoshoot. :)

  2. Love the first one, my friend did something really similar for her art project but she used photoshop to create the big eye effect!

    Checking out your flickr now!

  3. Thanks girls ^^
    I really need to develop my skills in making lighting more even, but i am pretty pleased with that shoot I did ^_^


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