Monday, 17 October 2011

What's in my Bag?

Hello lovelies! Today I give you a nosey into my bag! Now, I'm not your typical girl. I don't have a handbag, nor do I care for them! Its a rare occasion when I get all girl-mode over a bag, I only own like 2 of them!


So, what do I carry around with me?
The most important has to be my Blackberry. I cannot cope without a phone! Its my link to..well everything!
Next up is my purse! Self explanatory really!
Vaseline! This stuff is always on my lips! Is there such a thing as being addicted to a lip balm thing?
Keys, holding pretty key chains of course! I have two sets of keys, one for at home, one for university. Both contain key chains of importance to me. This set currently has a Pikachu which my boyfriend got me and a camera, for my love of photography. I swap and change every now and again, having more which represent trips and friends ^_^
Diary. Again self explanatory. I don't actually use this much, its just really there so i remember important numbers and details (like my student finance details).
My passport is in my bag all the time, but only for ID usages. I should really get a provisional!
The IPod is a pretty new addition to my bag. My sister gave it me last year, thinking it was broken, since then its been sitting in a draw. My housemate had a look at it, and voila! Its working again! Score!
Pen & Paper. This is only in here when I've been to university, having taken this image just after id arrived home! Usually this is replaced with my Kindle, but not today!
Lastly, Lipstick! I adore lipstick and will always have one in my bag at all times! This particular one is Viva Glam Gaga 2.

What bag do I have? Well!


This is a Kreepsville 666 Zombie tote bag, which i got last year for its size! I use this mostly for university, as it holds all my darkroom paper, image boxes and whatever else I need to carry with me! Pretty, isn't it? I love the “zombie-esque” rockability style!
What's in your bag? Do you hold a love for zombies as I do?



  1. You dont carry a handbag :0. I looooooove hand bags.

    But it would be a much easier life if I could just do what you do because lugging a massive bag around is a pain.


  2. @Georgia - I dont understand how some girls carry EVERYTHING around with them! I'd get way too freaked out of loosing things!

  3. i love the Zombie bag!! <3
    ((Check out my Triple F,((FiveFridayFavourites)))


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