Saturday, 8 October 2011

My Top 3 Autumn Nail Polishes

Hello lovelies! I finally have internet in my university house! I thought I would come back to you all with a post on my current beauty obsession, nail polish! My nails may be rather weak, but I love pretty nail colours and patterns. First let me say, I've not set my my “photo area” in my new bedroom, so I’m probably going to be using my teal rug as a background until I get it all set up/experiment with natural light. Also for some reason my camera isn't focusing properly! Bad times! Tis also a pretty dull day, so there's a lot of shallow depth of field, as i had to use a wider apeture! 


The first of my current favourite nail polishes is Zoya Tao, from the Smoke and Mirrors Collection! I got this with my Boudoir Prive box last month and I freaking love it. Its grey with abit of shimmer, producing a gorgeous grey/silver colour! It applies like a dream, only needing one coat!

Next up is Chanel Péridot. Now I’ve raved about this previously, so you all know how much i adore this polish! To see my post on it with “swatches” click here!

Lastly is Revlon Facets of Fuchsia, part of the newly released fall collection. I’m going through a glitter phase, and after seeing Makeup-Savvy’s post of it, I had to buy! The bottle gives it no justice at all. On the nail, its absolutely beautiful. It does take about 2-3 coats, and it a pain to get off, but I adore the colour and got tonnes of compliments while wearing it.

_DSC0008 _DSC0019

My nail polish collection keeps growing, so its pretty rare for me to wear a colour more than once in a few months, but I really am continuously applying these shades! What are your top autumn nail polish shades this year?
I have loads of exciting posts coming your way in the next few weeks, also if there's anything you guys want to see or for me to write about let me know in the comments! Love love <3



  1. You're posting again! :D
    I love the colour of Chanel Péridot, but too bad it's so expensive for just a bottle of polish.

  2. OMG i love Péridot, its my fave Chanel colour ever!!


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