Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Kawaii Time – Strawberries, Mushrooms & Disney


Hey darlings! A bit of a different post today as I ordered some stationary yesterday and had to blog, as I was exceptionally happy with the service.
Lately I have become a sucker for cute things! Paperchase has a lot of love from me <3 Now, I live quite a distance from home, my friends back home and my boyfriend. I decided it would be cute to write letters to them, so I started my search for stationary! I stumbled across Cute Stationery, an at home business who source writing materials from all over the world, and decided to make an order. Their prices are cheap, so why not eh? I placed an order yesterday, getting a dispatch email an hour or so later. What a surprise, when I came home from university this morning to my package waiting for me! It had taken less than 24 hours to get to me!


So, what did I get?

Strawberry Letterset, 12 sheets plus envelopes and stickers - £2.99
Plush Mushroom Pen - £1
2x Bear Birthday Cards – 80p Each
Hello Kitty Stickers - £1.10
Cute Animal Stickers - £1
Disney Bambi Letterset with folder, 10 sheets plus envelopes - £3

I also received a free sheet of stickers for ordering over £10 worth.


The package came nicely wrapped in a cute bag, I was actually overcome with the adorableness of the whole package! The pen and Hello Kitty stickers were purely an impulse buy, I hate hello kitty but my sister loves it!
Overall I am very impressed by the service and would totally order from them again!



  1. AWWWW! Cause of you I sat up looking at stationary last night lol!

  2. omg they are soooo cute!! :O i love it! <3

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  3. Really cute stuff, I love the stickers <3

    xoxo, Chantel


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