Tuesday, 6 September 2011

YvesSaintLaurent Rouge Volupté Perle: Impetuous Beige

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_DSC0006 (6)

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As I have mentioned in a previous post, it was my 20th birthday last month! This is one of the goodies I got, from one of my good friends Daniel. Needles to say, I squeaked in delight upon opening the package, having been eyeing up YSL lipsticks for quick some time. Their packaging is probably the main thing which draws me to them, being incredibly luxurious! It feels and looks expensive (which it is of course), exactly one of the features I would want in a high-end lipstick.

_DSC0028 (4) _DSC0038 (4)

Daniel was spot on with the colour, picking out a nude pink, a shade which I would wear everyday, therefore guaranteeing usage. On the first application, I instantly thought “wow!”. It’s so silky, exactly what is says on the packaging, boasting a very moisturising and smooth formula. The smell is exquisite, very sweet and girly. Staying power is probably around 4 hours, but that would depend on various factors (eating, drinking, lip licking). I find this would last through a day of shopping for me without reapplication needed. When the colour does start to fade, it does so gradually and un-patchy, though this may be due to the more sheer colour.

_DSC0065 (2)

I really cant fault this lipstick, other than the high price of £22! For a high-end makeup junkie like me, this is totally worth the price! I am planning on buying a “less-nude” shade in the near future, as I really am craving more!
These can be found in various department stores such as Debenhams and John Lewis.



  1. Its so pretty and suites you so well :)

  2. So pretty, Ive just bought my first YSL lipstick and its on my way to me! So excited to get it! :-)


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