Saturday, 10 September 2011

GOSH Nail Glitter: Grey Moonstone

Many girls are like magpies. Anything glittery or shiny will instantly catch our attention! Which was why I picked up this nail glitter from Superdrug a few weeks ago, the display luring me in. Having been eyeing it up for a week or so, I finally just grabbed it thinking “ah what the heck”. Instead of opting for a bright colour, i just went with a safe bog standard grey-silver.

_DSC0068 (2)

Now I have never used “nail glitter” as such, before, usually rocking a glittery top coat instead, so this was a first-time for me. The packaging is simple yet effective, the typical GOSH black background with white text, a winner for me who loves simple, professional looking products. I do like when items have an outer packaging, as I feel its more sanitary, one can be sure unwanted fingers haven't been poking and prodding.

_DSC0082w _DSC0090 (2)w

Compact and sleek, holding 4ml of product, the small tub has a plastic insert to stop spillages (not that it stopped me! See later in this post) and help control product usage. This sturdy little container wont smash or break if dropped, with no worries of getting glitter all over your makeup bag.

_DSC0104 (2)

The glitter itself is fine, not having any large chunks. Surprisingly it doesn't go all over the place. One would think with glitter, that its going to get EVERYWHERE, but it really doesn't! Its fairly easy to apply, if not a little fiddly. I simple dipped my nails (coated in a layer of Barry M Dusky Mauve) into the pot, used the brush to pat on glitter to the base of my nail, then left to dry.I did maybe 3 nails in succession, before brushing the excess glitter back into the pot. I’m really not sure if a top coat is suppose to be put on top, but I did, which dimmed down the glitter a little unfortunately. My nails felt rough, which I didn't like, but I guess its to be expected.

_DSC0006 (5) _DSC0007 (5)

The glitter started to chip after about 2 days, which is normal for me. I do like this product but I'm not sure its super amazing for me. I may try buying another colour, having another try of this product as I have a massive glitter obsession at the moment. I think I’d probably stick to glittery top coats though in future as I prefer a smooth finish.

While I was taking photos of the pot, I accidently left it open, and being me, knocked it off the table, spilling glitter everywhere! Luckily, I could save most of it, mum hoovering up the rest! Im such a clutz!


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  1. wow that looks awesome!! :P
    nice xD
    but awwww spilled glitter is never fun!


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