Thursday, 4 August 2011

Urban Decay 15 Year Anniversary Eyeshadow Collection Palette

"Opulent and sleek, this gunmetal filigree treasure chest holds 15 NEW (as in never seen!) shades in honor of Urban Decay's big 15. Neurtals shimmer, brights hypnotize and darker hues lend high-impact depth. Lift the shadow tray to reveal a sumptous velver-kined compartment for your jewelry... or whatever else your hiding."
- Taken from the package.

This newest Urban Decay release was sprung on us rather quickly a few weeks back, selling out within a few hours in America. This highly sought after product has been abit of a mystery to us UK addicts though, with no official release date being announced. I've been keeping my eyes peeled as I heard from my good friend Katie that it could make an appearence this week, and so it did! Yesterday while strolling through Debenhams, there it was!

I am in love with this palette! It's so luxurious, from the velvet box to the pattern adouring the lid. Containing 15 brand new shades, I am personally in love with every single one! After having a little play around I have discovered they are each highly pigmented (Tainted less so), have virtually no fallout and blend so easily.

The only downer? The price. At £39 this palette is pretty expensive, compared to the usual £32 of larger palettes (which also usally includes a mini primer and eyeliner). Although UD palettes have seemed to have gone up in price online recently for some reason. I will leave if its worth it to you. I probably wouldn't have gotten this if I had a few other UD palettes, but only having the Naked one so far, I thought it was worth is for me personally. Would you buy this?
I have a FOTD coming up using some of these two of these shades so stay tuned!



  1. I really can't decide. I have 9 UD palettes but the colours are all new and absolutely gorgeous. UD tends to be avaliable on some Thomas Cook flights so I might try and get it when I go on holiday next month or for my 21st in October. I know I can't afford it this month but it's so gorgeous but £39?! Argh.
    Well can't decide.

  2. Oooh Its so gorgeous! Its definitely something that I will be thinking about buying! xxx


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