Monday, 8 August 2011

Sleek Pout Paints: The Expectation & The Reality!

The newest addition to the highstreet, Sleek have banged this nail on the head with their new Pout Paint Collection, filling a much loved gap in the market. Being known for their stunning quality and affordable prices, this popular brand is churning out amazing products at a super fast rate.

Now these have been anticipated for quite a while in the blogger world, coming in 11 different shades and apparently being comparable to the OCC Lip Tars, but £4 cheaper and available on the high street. As it was, I tottled to Liverpool on the release day to pick up some of these bad boys. In the 3 for 2 offer I picked up Mauve Over, Pin Up and Cloud 9, not my usual colour preference but I wanted a change and the fun of mixing!

I do have to say I am loving these! They're very highly pigmented, giving long lasting colour to the lips without drying them out. It is recomended to apply with a lip brush as they would stain the hands and go everywhere! For the price you get 8ml of product, of which you only need a teeny dot to cover the whole lips, which i'm sure is gonna make them last for a long time!
As for wear time, I wore one for 4 hours easily before it started to fade a little, but even then it stained the lips! I've also had Pin Up on through drinking tea with it not budging at all!

Above I mixed Mauve over with Cloud 9 to create a lovely purple-pink shade! This is just one of many exciting colours you can create with the Pout Paints, and I hope to pick up some more when I next hit the shops!
I totally recomend these, especially for girls who love the bright lip or are still experimenting with a bolder lip colour like me. Spot on there Sleek!



  1. I went and looked at these the other day. Got all excited about the use on mixing my own colour schemes. Glad to see these are recommended.

    As a man I don't wear much makeup, just touch ups, but I do enjoy makeup and experimentation in my photography work, and I can see that these would be group in my work on persona.

    Thanks for the blog, Its very good

  2. I don't own anything by Sleek yet but the excitement surrounding these is making me want to give it a go! The colour you made is lovely :)

  3. Thanks for this review! :) I've been hearing about these everywhere and I thought they were probably over hyped, but now I can't wait to try them out!


  4. Not seen them at work yet and it's killing me, they look amazing! I'm jealous of anyone who has these and can mix their own colours. :)

  5. I still need to try these out. My local Superdrug dont stock them! :-( xx


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