Wednesday, 31 August 2011

August Favourites

Where has this month gone at all? It only seems like yesterday that I was looking forward to my birthday, now to be preparing for going back to university! Now this August hasn't been a particularly good one for us in the UK. Wind, rain and night-time cold has got me saying hello to my winter PJ’s and goodbye to my bedroom fan. Anyway, here are my favourites from this month!

E.L.F. Minty Lipgloss: San Diego

_DSC0037 (4)

This was one of my purchases in my last E.L.F. order, and I freakin’ love it! It tastes amazing! Even the boyfriend cant resist a lick of his lips after a cheeky kiss. The minty taste and scent is great if you’ve been out for lunch and are terrified of passers-by being able to tell you’ve had the garlic bread. The gloss is slightly glittery but not overpowering, adding a beautiful touch of colour to the lips on its own or over a lipstick. I am most definatly grabbing more of these when I next make an order!

GOSH X-Ceptional Wear Foundation: Porcelain

_DSC0014 (2) _DSC0041 (4)

Now for me its pretty hard to find a foundation. I have very pale skin and like a medium – full coverage that's not too sticky and won’t come off with a swipe of the finger. I saw this recommended on a blog, so when my Revlon Colourstay started to run dry, I picked this up from Superdrug. I really love the texture and how smoothly it glides on to my face, giving great coverage but not being heavy at all! Its slightly too dark, but I'm planning on picking up a white foundation of some sort so i can experiment with mixing, as this is just too good to pass over! For £8, I would 100% recommend this!

MAC Studio Finish Concealer: NC 15

_DSC0027 (3)

I’ve never really used concealer in the past, I always just slapped on some foundation and powder. But, a few months ago I nipped into MAC and got this, thinking I may as well! I never knew what I was missing! This conceals all those pesky blemishes and any redness going on without making the skin look or feel clogged up. Its made wearing a lighter foundation possible when I have a bad skin day, which makes me feel so much fresher. The formula is cream based which i can blend into my liquid foundation using a concealer or foundation brush, depending on the size of the area that needs concealing.

E.L.F. Studio Cream Eyeliner: Black

_DSC0030 (3)

I do love a good black eyeliner, liquid, cream or pencil! This is the one I've been reaching for the most this month. Less messy than liquid and more precise than pencil, this has been amazing at lining my eyes, tight-lining and creating that popular wing. The pigmentation is superb and the staying power spot on. I can wear this all day without so much as a smudge. Here's to buying more in the range!

V05 Miracle Concentrate

_DSC0012 (3) _DSC0044 (4)

Finally, the only none makeup product in this months favourites. I was a bit sceptical buying this, as I assumed this would just make my hair greasy, being an oil. But after seeing most of the beauty community raving about the likes of Argan Oil and Moroccan Oil, I decided to pick up a cheaper high-street version. Oh my gosh! This is actually a HG hair product for me now. I noticed a difference to the softness of my hair instantly, and that's saying something as my hair is pretty bleach damaged. I bought this, probably about 2 months ago and its only gone down by what you can see in the image, this is with using it every time I wash my hair (every other day). What I wonder now is, are the more expensive brands of similar products any different? Are they more effective? Would it be worth getting one of them when this is finished? Let me know!



  1. I've been eyeing up (no pun intended) the cream eyeliners from elf for ages. I have an elizabeth arden one that I love but the elf colour choices are amazing.

  2. Aw I wish my e.l.f order would turn up soon :(. Everyone seems to worship the VO5 oil, definitely seems worth a go!x

  3. I totally love the Gosh foundtion as well, it has also been a monthly favorite on my blog.

  4. By the way, I use white foundation from stargazer it's somewhat OK, but if you happen to stumble upon a better one, please make a post about it :)

  5. I've started using the MAC concealer too, it's the best one i've ever tried! It covers so much but feels light on my face!

    I also love the ELF liner, I find it quite difficult to remove it at night!

    I may have to try out the Gosh foundation too - I also have quite pale skin which is annoying! :/

  6. @Toni They're really great for the price! Totally reccomend them!

    @Shanice It really is worth a go! Its only like £4 as well!

    @Loevens I was thinking of checking out the Illamasqua one, yes its probably pretty pricey but I'm gonna try and get a sample once the Manchester counter opens!

    @Carina I find that too! Have to really scrub to get it off! I love having pale skin but it is a pain! More brands need to cater for us pale ladies!

  7. Using the hair concentrate that often for two months, and there's so much left still? WOW. I can see why it's a holy grail...may have to invest!


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