Thursday, 9 June 2011

NYX Round Lipgloss & Lip Plump: Review & Swatches

So today I decided to play around with my camera and try to take some more professional looking images for my blog. As some of you may or may not know, I've been doing photography for about 3 years now, just having finished my first year of a BA(Hons) photography degree. I specialise in fashion and beauty photography, persuing this in my free time as well as within my uni work. Anyway, I decided to stop taking quick snapshots and do this thing properly! The lighting & colours aren't perfect as my monitor here isn't colour colaborated and I didnt have much equipment to work with, but I experimented with natural light and got some decent pictures. I used a Nikon D90 SLR to take these. Anyway enough of this rambling!

I picked these up about 3-4 week ago at TK Maxx for a bargin of £2.99 for all three! Since then i've had time to try them out and get a feel for them. The glosses each contain 2.5ml/0.09oz of product while the plump contains 12g/0.4oz, both being cruelty free, which is really a plus for me. I love the packaging of the glosses, they're simple but feel really sturdy, these arent going to break apart in your handbag thats for sure.

The plump has the typical diagonal tube applicator commonly seen from products in a tube while the glosses have a doefoot applicator. I cant really fault the glosses at all, but personally dont like things which apply from a tube. The colours I got were 27 Vamp Red and 02 Very Clear.

The pigmentation of the red is pretty good actually. I thought it would come out more of a brownish red from looking at it in the tube but its quite a deep pinkish red. I was actually really impressed with how they feel on my lips. They're not sticky at all and have decent pigmentation. They smell and feel kind of fresh, not being overly gloopy. I do love the formula, having the colour slide on so easily. The colour goes on evenly leaving a nice dark pink colour on my naked lips.

I dont think this is a "daytime" shade but deffinatly will be used by me on a night out. Depending on how much product is used, depends on the vibrancy of the colour. They're not drying and the wear is average. I wear the clear gloss all the time, as it makes a nude lipstick really pop!
As for the plump, like most it leaves a tingy feeling on the lips while still being refreshing. I personally didnt notice much of a difference, but then again i've not really paid much attention.
Overall I'm really impressed with the glosses and will deffinatly be getting my hands on some more of them in some pink colours!

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  1. so cheap! love it, will try, i have never bought make up from tk maxx before! love the vamp red btw, so pretty id try and rock it during the day (hey were young, take risks!) following xxxx

  2. Its got some pretty good bargins in TK Maxx to be honest! Their beauty section can have some real steals sometimes.
    Im not brave enough for brighter colours in the day haha! I wish i was! <3

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  4. Aside from being creamy, Nyx lipsticks are matte and pigmented which is why many makeup lovers are raving about it.
    ~Pauline @Nyx Philippines


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