Sunday, 19 June 2011

MAC Mineralize Blush, Hang Loose: Swatches

Hello there m'dears!
I come to you now, with a MAC post! I've never really purchased MAC products before except for the black paintpot and a liquid eyeliner, but when i was in the Cosmetics outlet shop in Cheshire Oaks I came across this blush from the "In the Groove Collection". Its a beautiful Baby Pink paired with Lilac. When i saw this i knew I had to have it, as the pink looked the perfect shade for my pale skin!

This is my first MAC blush so I was really excited to try this, having just written a list of MAC products im going to get over the summer. This is limited edition I believe but they had loads at the Cosmetics Outlet store! Anyway, after a massive debate on what products I wanted from the massive MAC stand I narrowed it down to this, realising I really shouldnt spend too much money. A quick flashing of my card and this baby was mine for around £12.99.

I'm extreamly happy with this product! It feels amazingly smooth and leaves a beautiful pink flush on my cheeks. It blends well and has excellent pigmentation, also giving way for a few different shades due to the duo colour.

I've used this a few times and love love love it! I've deffinatly been converted to mac blushes! Im using this more than my adored Benefit blush now <3 Next stop, the MAC shop!

In other news, I've started working again in my old photography job over the summer! I've been mega busy this weekend photographing 2 weddings and a boxing event (with special guests Michael Watson and Steven Collins)! Im becoming so inspired by photography and makeup tutorials! Be prepared for some FOTD's this week!



  1. Great post! I'm insanely jealous you have a CCO near you - discounted and discontinued MAC? Yesssss pleeeease! Haha :)

    Just remember they're usually £17 each unless bought in pan form for a palette, pricey things, darnit - but cheaper than Benefit if I recall correctly!

  2. @Cosmetic Chonicle Im well happy i persuaded the boy to drive me, its in an outlet village and i cant drive! My Benefit was £24, so i think in future i'll be buying MAC!

  3. This looks absolutely lovely. I'd never use purple on my cheeks but blended it looks lovely. I wish I lived near a cosmetics outlet!!


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