Sunday, 5 June 2011

Lots of new things upcoming!

Hey guys! Just thought i would put a little post to say welcome all my new followers! Thank you all so much for following, it means alot to me <3 Feel free to leave comments and I shall get back to you a.s.a.p! I love making new friends online so dont be scared to say hi.

Also i would like to say i've finally got a twitter account!! I would love it if you could go follow me on there. Im pretty damn clueless so any advice on how to "get going" would be amazing!
More shameless promotion incoming! Im also considering starting up doing youtube videos! Ive been thinking about this for a while and it may finally be the time to take the plunge! I shall link my youtube account channel here and shall let you all know when i decide to take the plunge!

I really want to start combining my love for makeup with my photography, so expect to see lots of images, makeup looks, swatches and me just generally taking pretty pictures of my makeup coming soon!

Im also playing around with my blog page, changing the theme, layout ect and getting a banner made so expect it to look prettier in the near future!

Jane xxx


  1. Looking forward to seeing your photography skills! What a fab combo - make-up and photography! XXX

  2. Im really excited to make a "photography" area when i move into my house in July, so expect more porfessional images :D


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