Sunday, 12 June 2011

Inspiration, Bbloggers & Beauty

Good evening nuggets! I have lots of posts in the works for ya'll, but for now I just thought i would write a little snippit about the inspiration from joining in my first BBloggers chat on twitter! For those of you who dont know about this, its held every Sunday from 8pm - 9pm UK time and each week theres a main topic for all those bloggers and blog followers out there! Reading advice from the beauty community has really inspired me to put more into this blog, and to connect with other bloggers out there! If you have your own blog, or have one to reccomend, please post below so I can check it out! <3

As abit of an update on my own photographic endevours, I'm becoming really inspired by photography i've seen on tumblr so thought I would post an image of my own here. It's not my best photography wise, but I love the focus on the makeup (which was done by Charlotte Odell).
So what inspires you? I personally LOVE looking at images, perticularly beauty images showing off the makeup! As an aspiring beauty photographer, whos just found my niche for what i want to do in the photography industry I love looking at makeup brand advertisements and images of makeup itself as a product!
I've got lots of swatches and product shots to do tomorrow, ready for a few reviews coming your way! Stay tuned <3



  1. That photo is gorgeous! xx

  2. Thank you <3 The neck bit on it doesn't look right though argh! I guess one is always picky about their own work though ^_^


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