Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Haul: Soap and Glory, Urban Decay, Neutrogena.

I'm currently putting myself on a spending ban until mid-summer as I realise i've been spending way too much money and have £25 a week to last me until my September student loan! Saying this, I couldnt resist nipping into town for some new hair and skin products, only just going over my £25 a week limit! I came away with some goodies and some killer bargins which i'm really excited to try out and review!

Number 7 Micro-dermabrasion Exfoliator (£11)
I heared the term micro-dermabrasion when watching a skincare routine video on youtube and through i would give it ago. I dont have perfect skin, but am now on a mission to find myself a fixed skincare routine which will enable to me feel as confident as I do with foudation on, to be able to have fresh clear skin. Apparently this has small crystals in which, when massaged into the skin, remove dead skin cells and can even remove the topmost layer of skin. I'm going to try this in the coming weeks and post a review.

Neutrogena Wave Duo Power Cleanser (£9.99)
Im lusting after a clarisonic but as i dont have the pennies, i've settled to trying other electronic cleansing products. This comes with cleansing pads which can be attached to the head. Its also waterproof with 2 powder settings. I tried this last night after a nice bath and it seemed to work all right. My skin felt tighter and deffintly smoother. I've not read upmuch about this, it was abit of an impulse buy so I'll see how it works out. I still want a clarisonic, but sigma have just released their own version which im eyeing up, so if this productas dosent turn out to be what i want, i shall be splurging on that.

Soap & Glory Clear Here Daily Moisture Lotion (£8.17)
Again another product to help with my quest for perfect skin. I used this last night after trying the wave duo and again this morning. I have noticed it stung a little, which may have been due to the deep cleaning of the duo. I accidently got some near my eye too which stung! Keep away from the eyes people! It doesnt seem to have irratated my skin at all though, and when i put on this morning it didnt sting. Im looking foward to seeing the long term results of this as it claims to shrink pores and clear an oily complexion (my T-zone gets oily now and again).

I got all these for £15.99 in boots using the 3 for 2 on skincare products deal and a £5 number 7 vouncher!

My superdrug buys were some hair products! My hair is DEAD, having bleached it and straightened so much without any form of protection. Im going to let it rest over the next few weeks i think, not straightening and leaving 5ish days in between washes so the natural oils can recover the strawlike mess on my head. To help in this task I got 2 more Aussie products, one to help with volume as my hair is mega flat when straightened (and i know im not gonna be able to resist straightening when i see my boy) and a deep conditioner.

Aussie Volume Shampoo
Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Deep Conditioner
I cant remember how much these were intervidually but there's currently a deal on, 2 for £5, which ofcourse I snapped up! Dont forget to also pick up the new superdrug beauty card which launched this month!

Some other things i picked up were:
3 Montagne Jenuesse Blemish Mud Masks (89p each from bodycare)
Skin Benefit Deep Cleansing Pore Strips (£1.99 from bodycare)
Some weird foot scrub brush thing (£1.05 from bodycare)
Urban Decay Ultraglide in Gash (£3.99 from TJ Huges)
Stila Tinted Moisturiser in Fair (£2.99 from TJ Huges)

Expect to see more reviews, swatches, Makeup looks and nail looks in the next few weeks as my spending ban has now officially started!

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