Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Eyeshadow look inspiration: Weekly Feature?

Hello nuggets! I've been having a pretty busy week working and preparing to go back to Southampton for a week so i've not had as much time to post! But, i come to you today with an eyeshadow inspiration post! I've found im using the same eyeshadow looks for a few days in a row, and nothing really bright or dramatic. I can just never think of what colours to do, and how to shape them! What i want to know is, what is your inspiration for eyeshadow combinations?
I really want to get more creative with my makeup, I have tonnes of it sitting there not being used. I tend to reach for the same colours all the time! I mostly always dont have time to do an elaborate makeup look, however much i love bright colours!

I came across a book last week in waterstones with loads of different eyemakeup looks, and how to apply them. But i thought, whats the point, i can always find blogs online to help me expand my creativity. I've been considering doing a weekly post on a different eye look, which will encourage me to be more creative, and hopefully give you guys some inspiration! What do you think?

I'm also letting you know here that i'm going to be away from the computer for a week, from the 30th June - 7th July! I'm going to try and pre-write some posts and get my sister to post them during the week, or see if i can do it from my blackberry! Tomorrow I shall be posting a June faves and hopefully my ELF haul (if its arrived!) To make up for my week long break I shall also be having a Giveaway when I return from southampton to thank you all for following me! I know its been a slow start but i'm determined to get more orginized and have more regular features!



  1. Oh....I remember the days when I had time to do the first look you've shown as day make up. Now I'm lucky if I make it to mascara. I did however manage a bold grey and violet look yesterday which was a nice change (boyfriend complimented it....brownie points for him!)

    I don't know where I find inspiration, I just make it up as I go along, or try and co-ordinate with my outfit.

    Love Edie xx

  2. Hi girls! just found your blog and I am definitely following! Love love love both! The first one is awesome! I'm in love with it and will definetely try it, maybe tomorrow! lol!.. the second one, omg! I'm speechless is amazing! all the details and stuff is just... brilliant! A few years ago I had an obsession with "The nightmare before christmas" not so much now, but I still really like it!! Definetely put your makeup pictures for inspiration! Love them. Found your blog at bbloggers twitter chat btw.. :) maybe you can go check mine! :D and follow if you like. Ps. I'm also following your tumbler! :D
    ☆ Bereniice ☆


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