Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Collection 2000 Perfect Finish Foundation: Review

Good evening! I come to you today with a little review about a foundation I picked up a few months ago. It was on sale for £4 I believe (or possibly £3) from superdrug! Im going through abit of a foundation kick at the moment, trying out as many as i can get my hands on, so seeing it there I thought why not!

For that price you get 30ml of product in a plastic bottle, topped with a pump. It claims to leave skin flawless and airbrushed to perfection. Having SPF 20 is a massive bonus with this, as its not as common for drugstore brands to contain sun protection.
I really wanted to like this product, as I adore my collection 2000 pressed powder, but I cant say i like this. For one the shade is too dark for me, making me look slightly borange. The consistency isnt too runny, nor too gel-like so I do like that, but I hate the feel of it on my skin. It does give good coverage and is pretty buildable, but leaves the skin feeling "tacky", even when left for 30 mins.

I've found it also can "sink" into pores and look uneven around the eyes (although that may have just been me applying it quickly haha!) but gives a dewy finish. Overall I think its nothing special, alright for people who arent fussy with foundations i guess (like my little sister) but horrid for me! Although the staying powder is actually decent coupled with a powder, I found this lasted throughout the day without traveling all over the show or smudging.
In the below image I had on ELF Mineral Face Primer and Collection 2000 Perfect Finish Foundation. Sorry for my massive pores, ewwy! As you can see though, the colour is uneven and way too dark for my skin (i also have no clue to why the corner of my eye looks gammy!).

Overall I really am not impressed with this product! For the price, i guess its alright, but i've found better drugstore brands. I wouldnt reccomend it, as its just not what i look for in a foundation.

As i am on a foundation kick I will have a few foundation reviews coming up, also doing a collective post at the end of my favourites and least favourites from high end to drugstore, including Bourjois Healthy Mix, Revlon Colourstay and Estee Launder Double Wear!


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