Wednesday, 8 June 2011

BeneFit goodies FREE with this months Glamour Magazine!

Heya! Just a quick post to say that in tomorrows Glamour magazine (9th June 2011) there will be some BeneFit freebies woth about £8. You will either get a Benetint, Positint or Highbeam! The sizes are just smaller than the full size! I'm going to be picking up several of these i thinks! The magazine is bound to sell out so get in there fast!

I'm also in the process of planning a load of reviews for products i've been testing over the last few weeks! I move into my new house in July, so i'm setting up a "photo area" were i can take more professional photos of products and swatches. I may also do a small give-away when I reach a certain ammount of followers ^_^
I would love to hear input on what you would like to see from me!


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