Thursday, 19 May 2011

St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mist

I've heared alot about this brand latley on youtube and blogs, so thought i would jump on the band wagon! I've never ever used fake tan before, its always been one of my many hates! Being very pale, its just never appealed to me. This summer is different. I burn in the sun, so cant tan naturally, and my legs literally reflect the sunlight they're so white. I've taken to prancing around in short shorts latley, and am having to wear skin coloured tights because my legs can blind an onlooker! I only want a little hint of colour on them, so i've decided to take the plunge!

At the moment im applying Dove "summer glow" morning and night, so if thats works all shall be well! But, if it doesnt, i shall be applying the St Moriz at the weekend! Its £2.99, having purchased from savers in "fair to normal". Im a little nervous, not wanting to be too dark as im not doing the rest of my body (just yet) but i guess i shall have hope for the best! If anyone has any tips or products for giving a little more colour to reflective white skin i would be glad to hear them! Pretty irritating for me how its just my legs that are disco ball worthy!

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