Wednesday, 25 May 2011

N.O.T.W - Yellow & Black Crackle. New Hair Colour!

Im going through a little bit of a yellow obsession at the moment! I always used to hate the colour growing up, but here i am with yellow nails, yellow eyeshadow and practically yellow hair haha (Aka Blonde!) xD
Anyway enough rambling, I decided to try out the crackle polishes which everyone and their mothers (In my case deffinatly my mother) have been raving about. I used the black Barry M one which my younger sister conveniantly had, over a yellow polish.

To be honest, I cant say im much of a fan. I hate the consistency of the Barry M polish, its gloopy and annoying to apply. I cant say I really like the finish as well. Im undecided on weather i like this look or not. Maybe using a different brand would yeild better results?

Products used:
OPI Base Coat
China Glaze Lemon Fizz
Barry M Instant Nail Effects in Black
Revlon Top Coat

This week I also decided to add abit of colour to my hair, putting some blue in my fringe. I used Directions hairdye in Lagoon Blue. It will probably fade pretty fast, hopefully not to an ugly colour, but Im considering ordering some Special Effects hairdye which ive heared is amazing!

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