Tuesday, 10 May 2011

MUA Pro comes to Superdrug!

Im sure most makeup junkies from the UK know of the mega cheap makeup range from superdrug called MUA! All the products in their original selection cost only £1, which is a bargin for the quality you get, especially with the eyeshadows. Now coming to stores soon is MUA Pro, a brand new range costing upto a maximum of £4!
I nipped into the Superdrug in Southampton today to check out the stand (Not all superdrugs hosting mua have recieved the mua pro brand yet). I have to say im impressed. There is so many new products I cant wait to buy and try, including foundation, face primer, eyeshadow trios and eyeshadow pallettes! Alot of the products had been snapped up so quickly, which shows the popularity of this amazing quality brand.
Also coming this summer are more eyeshadow and nailpolish colours! Something im really excited about!
I'm going to purchase some of the new range this week so shall post a review as soon as ive tested them.


  1. I can't believe ive only just heard theyre doing a pro range! I guess it hasnt come to my local superdrug yet- so excited, can't wait!

  2. There's a list of the superdrug shops that this range will be appearing in on their facebook page, along with some new images of the products! ^_^


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