Thursday, 5 May 2011


I know that getting your monthy fix of makeup can be expensive and theres always that need for more products! Some may be a hit, some a miss. I'm sure we've all recieved that £20 product only to not like it, resulting in a shroud of disappointment. As some people may know, America has a company called BirchBox, every makeup addicts dream. Now, launched this month, the UK have their own beauty addicts therapy! Glossybox! Every month a box will be sent out containting 5 high end minitures of makeup, hair products, skin products and more! This gives us means to test new products without actually splashing out if we dont like them!
Glossybox states that their service "enables you to try out the luxury product miniatures in your own time, in the comfort of your own home". Pretty awesome huh? And its only £10 a month!

Order now to recieve your June Glossybox!
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  1. love love love this! gonna check their site out right now! x


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