Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Fraulein3°8 120 Palette and Brush Set

This has been a long time coming! I ordered this from Fraulein at the beginning of April/end of March i think, but as I went home for a month, I didnt recieve this until i got back to southampton. I've been using some of the brushes and eyeshadow colours over the past week, and thought it time to do a review.

The eyeshadows come in a rather thick case, the name stamped on the front. Its actually pretty heavy! The shadows themselves come in 2 layers, plastic protecting them. The pigmentation of these are amazing, coming with 66 shimmer colours, 12 metallic colours and 42 matte colours! I believe these mass produced in china and shipped to various cosmetics companys who then stamp their logo on, as ive seen many companys stocking these palettes under different names, also many listed on ebay. I love this though, its great for anyone starting out playing with eyeshadows or someone in the makeup industry, or even if you just want more colours to play with.

As for the brushes, these were the main reason I bought this perticular set. I didnt have many brushes, maybe about 12 and found it a pain when trying to do an eyeshadow look involving lots of different colours, as I only had 3 eyeshadow brushes, and not really any for blending. I wanted a cheap set with a wide variety that would let me continue my experimentation. They come in a lovely case protected by plastic so none of the brushes can get damaged or fall out. Theres 31 brushes in the set including
Powder Brush, Angle Powder Brush, Andgle Shadow Brush, Round Shadow Brush, Flat Concealer Brush, Flat Concealer Brush, Small Domed Eye Brush, Fan Brush, Lipstick Brush, Eye Applicator Brush, Mascara Brush, Eyeliner Brush,Lash Comb & Brow Comb plus lots more! They're made with wood, plastic, fiber and animal hair. I do have abit of a problem with the latter, and will one day move on from using brushes with animal hair in, but for now until I invest in some more professional brushes, these will do. The quality is alright, some of the brushes are abit stiff and feel really light in my hand, compared to my urban decay brush which has a weight to it and feels super soft! Ive had shredding from some of the bigger brushes, but none really from the eye ones. I believe this set would be ideal for someone relatively new to makeup (as I am) or someone looking to start getting into the makeup industry.

Overall I am pleased with this set, its great for me who's recent spendings and experimetation in makeup is just starting to cause an overflow from my old makeup area (time to invest in more storage soon!)

On another note, I'm soon going to start taking more professional images of products for hauls and reviews ect, as i am a photographer, so really should put those skills to use. I'm also considering starting a youtube channel and explore a little into videos.

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  1. can u post a picture of each brush with what u use the brush for i bought the set but i dont know what each one is for


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