Thursday, 5 May 2011

E.L.F. Haul #2

This is pretty late, as i'm very busy with Uni deadlines but heres a short post on my last E.L.F. Haul! I got this stuff about 3 weeks ago i believe, using a free shipping code and also getting a free lipgloss! I must say, im pretty impressed! I use six out of the seven products every few days, and some are now in my every day makeup routine!

Studio Complextion Perfection (£3.50)
I love it! At first when i tried, i was trying to use each of the coloured seperatly and didnt notice any difference. But, coming back and having another go a week later, i swirled my brush over the whole thing, and woah! There was a visable reduction in redness on my face, it totally evened out my skintone! Love love love this product so far!

Studio Blush in Gotta Glow (£3.50)
I use this to highlight my cheeks, dabbing a little on my chin and nose to add a little bit of glow to my face. I wouldnt say its as amazing as some people say, its alright, but not something i require. I have been wearing this for the past few weeks daily, and do like it, but im really pale so it hardly shows up on my skin, which i guess could be a good thing sometimes.

Studio Concealer Pencil and Brush (£3.50)
Ive only used this once or twice i think, purchasing as loads of people have raved about it, but to be honest I dont really see whats so good about it. Sure it looks pretty cool, but i just dont use it.

Regular Tinted Moisturiser (£1.50)
Oh my gosh! This is probably my new favourite product! Having never tried a tinted moisturiser before, I've now realised ive been missing out! Its just a great base for my foundation, evens out my skin, moisturises and ofcourse the added SPF protection! The only downside is its a really tiny tube. But, ive used this every day for 3 weeks and theres still alot of product next. I think I shall be upgrading to the studio line tinted moisturiser when i next order from E.L.F.

Regular Lipstick in Classy (£1.50)
I really like the regular lippys, they're moisturising and last for a decent ammount of time. I love this colour, its a great nudeish pink colour, and works great when im just nipping to the library or going to the shop and i want a quick dash of colour on my lips!

Nail Polish in Pearl Pink (£1.50)
Such a cute shade! Its not very pigmented, but it gives a nice pink shimmer to my nails. I've been wearing this on my toes constantly! Chipping is unnoticable too really! A future post will be coming about this polish as i went trigger happy with my camera while wearing it!

Regular Super Glossy Lipshine in Mauve Luxe (£1.50)
This was the free gift that came with my purchase! Its got an SPF of 15 and smell amazing! It applies great, nice pigmentation, and lasts for a standard gloss time really. This can be used on its own or over a nude or brownish lippy i reckon.

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  1. what an awesome haul :D :D I love the studio concealer and brush for pimples.. as it's full coverage, and once you set it with powder it just won't go anywhere :) I love the complexion perfection too and the regular tinted moisturiser. And I'm not a huge fan of the gotta glow blush. I quite prefer the luminance healthy glow bronzing powder. But If you're pale I think it would work differently.. :)


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