Sunday, 1 May 2011

Elegant Touch Classic French Nails

I've always envied those who have long nails, mine being really weak and always breaking. I've been wanting to try falsies for a while, and finally decided too last week, so off i popped into Superdrug to buy some! After browsing the shelves for what seemed like ages, I finally decided on Elegant Touch Classic French, Simply Pink, Size Short.

They come with Screw Top glue, Nail buffer, instruction leaflet and 24 nails in 10 different sizes. I selected all my nails before i started applying them, and arranged them on my desk. Application was very easy! I started with my left hand, which i always find most difficult to do when applying nail polish. I had no trouble at all applying the nails, and all stuck down really well. Its about 4 days on now and they're still on there! Some have came off, as ive caught them when tidying and helping my dad put things in the garage, but a little bit of glue and they pop right back on there. Having never had nails before, i found it so hard to put my tights on though, not wanting to rip them haha! Overall i am very pleased with these and will deffinatly be using falsies in the future.
Another great thing is, when my mum saw my nails she wanted some! So off we popped, this time buying extra short ones. My mum has bigger fingers, therefore wider nail beds than me, so we tried to see if my leftover nails would fit her. And they did!! So the remining nails arent going to go to waste, and i get her leftovers from the ones she buys! Sorted!

(Sorry for the bad phone picture)

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