Friday, 20 May 2011

CLARINS Radiance Boosters: Review

Good Evening my lovelys! So I thought I would post a little review about my first experience with CLARINS! About 3 weeks ago while shopping with my mum in Liverpool, I was given some samples from the new Radiance Booster range. The woman said the line is perfect for young skin leaving teenagehood. I was given a Cleansing Gel, Wake-Up Booster and Moisturiser. Each tester had 5ml in, except the wake up booster which contained 10ml. I found a little goes a long way with these products, them lasting me a whole week of morning and night useage.

The smell of these is amazing, having an orangy scent. They were gentle and didnt make my skin feel greasy. There is a starter kit available which has 30ml of these three products for £19.50. Theres a few extra products in this range, for example a "day cream" with SPF in. Prices for full sized products range from £10.50 - £19.50 which is pretty decent for a "higher end" skincare brand. I have been tempted to repurchase but dont think im going too, as i personally didnt notice any significant difference to my skin, although you really should try a new skincare regime for 3 weeks before a verdict. I do like these, but would like to test a few other brands before settling on one.

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