Thursday, 28 April 2011

Urban Decay Lipstick and BrowBox

Tottering around in T.J. Hughs last week I was pleased to find a whole section of urban decay! Jumping at the chance to own more of this cruelty free, vegan makeup, I rummaged around and chose 2 products!

BrowBox in Gingersnap

I'v been looking for some sort of brow kit for a while, i was going to get the Benefit one, but this appeared first for £20 cheaper! I'm so happy I came across this! I use it every day to fill in my brows. The set contains 2 colours, wax, tweezers and a small angled brush. Having blonde hair currently, and naturally blonde eyebrows, I personally prefer the left hand colour. Its a lovely brown colour, showing brown on my brows, whilest the right colour comes up more "gingery" on my brows. The wax is a little heavy I think, but does the job keeping stray hairs in check.

The packaging in plastic but feels quite sturdy, with a pretty design on top. I use the angled brush that came with it to apply the wax, and my eco-tools angled brush to apply the colour. Overall I really like this product. Its long-lasting, nice colours and does the job! I think it suits lighter hair/brow colours more so would be more for blondes, gingers and light brunettes.

Would I reccomend this? Hell yes!

Lipstick in Trainwreck
I've not yet tried this but I love the packaging so much! Its really chunky and the lid isnt really on that firm, but its so original! The little sword in it is amazing! Theres a sword and urban decay is written on the actual lipstick, which is also amazing! I was sold on the packaging, without even looking at the colour! This is a little similar to an MUA shade i have to be honest, but i have yet to compare them. There is a smell, its not bad but not nice either. I've heared alot of people hate the smell of UD lippys but i dont really mind it.

It glides smoothly onto my hand but as can be seen above, one swipe doesnt give complete coverage. I'm looking foward to trying this properly in the coming weeks!

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