Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Sleek True Colour Lipstick

A little trip to town 2 days ago with the mother saw me prowling up and down the aisle of superdrug with an urge to spend. I settled for the New Sleek True Colour Lipsticks, which were on offer 2 for £6 (£3.99 each usally). This new range contains 20 lip colours, 12 sheen and 8 matte. The packaging is cute, being in a little box with a picture of various lipsticks on. The lippy tube is black and actually quite pretty! I really love the oval shape and texture!
The 2 colours i picked up are "Baby Doll" and "Peaches & Cream", both sheen.

Both are pretty pale but the pigmentation is really good! They are moisturising but i've noticed that colour "clogs" at certain parts of the lips, not really providing an even application, so i would reccomend scrubbing the lips beforehand with a nice lipscrub to remove any dry patches.

The colours are gorgeous in my oppinion, but i do prefer my E.L.F. lipsticks to be honest. Would i reccomend these? To a degree. Would i repurchase? Maybe. The colours are really really lovely and that would be the only reason me buying more, but as for quality, I would use my E.L.F. ones over these.

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  1. Hello... xD
    From your new follower :D :D
    It would be lovely if you checked out my blog too :D I adore ELF products too xD

    I loved this review xD I would love to see lip swatches in the future or an FOTD w/ these :D That peaches and cream one is seriously pretty :D


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