Sunday, 3 April 2011

Pink & Black Nails!

I have never really dont much with my nails, one coat of nail polish thats chips in a day, horrid bitten, uneven things. Top coat? What is this!
After reading alot of beauty blogs though I have found a new envy for pretty nails! I went out last week to buy a topcoat i have read some good reviews on, and two cheap polishes. I clipped all my nails down to the same length and had ago with one colour. It didnt last as long as i hoped, maybe 2 days before chipping occured, but to be fair i put the polish on very quick and the tips of my nails are still abit ragged. A problem i have always had with my nails is that they are extreamly weak! They snap so easily and bend really bad. I think its time to invest in a product that can harden them!
But anyway! This morning i decided to try something new. Using MUA pink and black, i tried a little basic pattern. This is only phone camera quality but it shall do for now!

For a first go at doing anything other than one colour, I think it turned out alright! When i go shopping with mum next week, I think ima pick up some more polishes and do a little more experimentation.

1 comment:

  1. Hands up for that nail experimentation of yours!!!
    I am happy to have become the first follower of many to come to your blog!


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