Monday, 18 April 2011

Liquid Highlight, Benefit Dupe?

I saw this mentioned in another beauty blog and knew i had to test it out for myself! Its not a dupe but seems very similar to Benefit Hi-Beam! I haven't used this yet on the face, only swatched, but the blended product seems to create a nice shimmer. The product isn't sticky and blends to a smooth finish without any clogging or flakeyness.

On the left is the product straight from the bottle and on the right is it blended. It comes in a bottle like a nail polish, with the brush attached to the lid. For the price this is an absolute steal! I am so shocked with the quality, i didnt expect it to go on as smoothly as it does. Where is this from you may ask. You shall be shocked to find out, Primark! I believe it was £1 or £2 (cannot recall) and is deffinatly worth buying. Personally i probably wont use this much as i prefer powder highlighters, but for those who like liquid ones, try it out!

Upcoming in the next few days is more E.L.F. , urban decay, sleek and Collection 2000 hauls/reviews!

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