Monday, 4 April 2011

Fraulein3°8 & Elf Upcoming!

A few days ago i placed my first Fraulein3°8 order! I'm really hoping it will arrive tomorrow as I leave for North England on Wednesday for a month! The main reason i purchased this was for the brushes. My brush collection is kinda sucky and in need of a major volume boost! The palette was just an extra bonus :P

This morning I also placed my first ELF order having heared some wonderful things about this budget brand! Taking advantage of the free UK & Europe shipping on their website (Code: 135KELFEU - Available until 10:30am tomorrow morning), I got some much needed essentials and some random products i liked the look of!

More good news, my first follower woop! I made this blog to rant, rave and review products for my friends, and just as a kind of output for my thoughts, so its amazing to actually have a random follow me. Thank you so much! I hope i can get some more people interested in my little makeup journey from my tiny collection as it is present, to a huge "whatever do i do with all of this" jumble! I have some images to upload from my recent photoshoots also in the coming weeks! If I get a few more followers I will take proper photographs for reviews, not just bad quality blackberry images, with my Nikon D90 (aka my baby <3)

Jane x

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