Thursday, 14 April 2011

E.L.F. Haul and Review!

I have been pretty inactive over the last week as i've just gone home for easter, leaving my computer back in Southampton! I rarely get a chance to use the family PC here as my mum has a farmville addiction! Anyway! I ordered my first E.L.F. purchaces about 2 days before returning to the North, and what do you know! They were waiting for me when i walked through the door! Delivery is amazing! I am really impressed with the service and products of this company so far and am deffinatly going to order from them in the future!

Sorry for the bad phone picture when i was unpacking! Anyway, I ordered seven products coming to £19.00 with free shipping. I've been using most of these products over the past week so heres my experience of them!

Clarifying Pressed Powder, Ivory (£1.50)
I haven't really tried this product much, i brushed a little bit over my forehead with a kabooki brush but thats about it, it just seems a little dark/yellowy for my skin when swatched. I will deffinatly give it a try though on a "lazy day" just incase theres not a great deal of staying power. Regards to the spongy thing, i will probably never use it as i personally prefer a brush for application. The powder does smell a little like watermelon though which i like, as cheap powders usally have that "cheap makeup" smell. It's a matte powder and seems quite "light" on the skin, not too clogging.
Feather Proof Moisturizing Lip Liner, Natural Blush (£1.50)
This is the first proper lip liner i have ever bought to be honest. I've only recently been experimenting with lip products so thought i would give this ago. When lineing my lips with this i really couldnt see much difference, but when filling my lips in with it i can see the colour. Its not drying and feels great under a lipstick. More of a base than a liner i think. It also comes with a cute sharpener!

Luscious Liquid Lipstick, Strawberry (£1.50)

This liquid lipstick can be used as a gloss or stand alone product. I has enough pigmentaion to give the lips a redish tinge or give some shine to a matte lipstick. The fruity smell is lovely and it really moisturises the lips upon application! It doesnt fade patchy also. What i have noticed though it after a while, when it has started to wear off, my lips feel kind of "bitty" at the corners. But, a quick wipe and reapplication quickly moisturises and solves this. Im not even sure if it is deffinatly this product that caused this as i usally wear things underneith, or i may have just put too much on which caused it to gather in the corners.
Lipstick Fantasy, Medium Nude Brown Creme (£1.50)
I wanted to try a nudeish brown colour lipstick as I'm loving pinky nude colours latley! This have a lovely pigmentation, not too dark and not invisible. Its very moisturising on the lips with a fruity smell. I have heared that people have had problems with the lipstick snaping but I've had no problems with it. The packaging is plastic feeling but ofcourse, this is £1.50! It stays unharmed when thrown in a handback though. I would deffinatly reccomend this for £1.50! As for staying power, I cant say i have noticed it to be honest. It doesnt stay for a great length of time, but over a liner i reckon its about a 3 hour wear before a touchup is needed.

Mineral Infused Face Primer (£6.00)

Hello my new staple product! I cannot even describe how amazing this makes the skin feel! One little squirt is more than enough to cover the whole face and leaves it feeling fantastic! It stops foundation from sinking into the pores adding extra staying power to it! I just cant imagin not using this now! Its similar to the GOSH face primer (that being a little more waxy) but half the price! The texture is also apparently like the smashbox face primer!

Blush and Bronzer Compact (£3.50)

My only "studio range" purchase, but i have to say, I love the packaging! Its similar to NARS but less rubbery so easier to wipe clean. The below swatches are unblended and applied heavily for the camera to pick up. I havent tried the blush yet as im hooked on my Benefit "Throbb" but i've been ussing the bronzer as a countouring powder. It does apply quite dark and needs alot of blending, as i am quite pale skinned. On a darker skinned lady though, this would be perfect! Both the colours are matte which is also perfect for countouring! The staying power is great and the powder has no smell.

Daily Brush Cleaner (£3.50)

As a quick clean solution, this spray is perfect! I use this to wipe eyeshadow brushes clean after use mostly, as i wouldnt really trust it cleaning a foundation brush, I would rather give those a deep clean. Its quick, easy and theres no mess involved!

Overall I LOVE these products! For the price they are amazing quality! I shall deffinatly be placing another order sometime soon!

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  1. great entry. will look into these products!




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