Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Fashion Photography: Exploration

I thought I knew alot about photography, but in reading various online blogs and researching iconic photographers, there is so much i have yet to learn! This essay for Visual Exploration have given me the opportunity to open up a whole new world of Fashion Photography, this essay is just going to be a breif stroke on what I want to discover! The theme is:

To explore how fashion photography has developed and changed. By looking at iconic photographs and legendary photographers, I shall attempt to explain why fashion photography is what it is today. How each generation of photographers influenced the next through breaking taboos, provoking debate and reflecting the changing desires and aspirations in the world around them.

I don’t know how I am gonna compress things into just 1500 words! I am going to do more research tomorrow and hopefully get half of the essay writtin by tomorrow night.
Shoot-wise I’m booked every day next week for beauty shoots! Its great experience for lighting and poses, also working with different makeup artists! I also have an editorial shoot in April with a Stylist and Makeup artist which is going to be shot at an old abby! As well as that, I’ve been emailing fashion photographers asking if they need assistants over the summer to help with shoots! I’m hopeing i will get a reply from them!
Now I just need to find the motivation to do my uni work! Haha!

I hope I can use this blog as somewhere for me to post my fashion photography musings in future, as well as my makeup and product ramblings. Theres just so many things that are inspiring me at the moment!

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