Saturday, 19 March 2011

Envy: Beauty Photoshoot

Photography by Myself
Makeup by Charlotte ODell
(Model's name to be confirmed)

So latley i've been wanting to undertake beauty shoots in the studio. I've never really properly looked into beauty before, but now as my first year of uni comes near an end, I wish to start focusing on what i want to do in my life. I'm going to build up a strong portfolio over these next 2 years, of beauty and fashion, so hopefully my dreams can become a reality. This is my third ever beauty shoot (All three which have been shot in the past week) working with third year hair stylist and makeup artist, Charlotte ODell, her theme being "Envy". I believe this is my best beauty shoot out of the three, the lighting is spot on. The editing could do with a tweek, but I can develop those skills over time. I'm really proud of this image for one, its came out beautifully with very minimal editing. Hopefully this is a good sign for what is to come ^_^


  1. Love the picture!!! My career also includes photography, Last semester we just started to learn the basics with analog camera, (the one with film and learn the "old" photographic process and photographic print) We'll start with digital camera on 4th semester (I'll start my 3rd in august). Do you have any blog posts about photography tips? if not can you do one!
    ☆ Bereniice ☆
    oh and my twitter:!/Bereniice_MR

  2. @Bereniice Thanks ^_^ I love analogue photography! Theres just something about being in the darkroom making your image. I dont have any blog posts about photography but I shall make sure to do one in the next week!


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