Thursday, 19 March 2015

Disneyland Paris February 2015 Photo Diary































As you may know, I went to Disneyland Paris last month, so thought I would share some of my photographs with you! I went with my good friend Rachael and we had the most wonderful time, despite the cold. Disneyland Paris is so different to its American counterparts yet I still enjoyed it immensely. I’ve already started looking at prices to go back again at Christmas…
I did vlog the whole trip, so if you want to check them out you can find them here!
Have you ever been to Disneyland Paris?

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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Disneyland Paris 2015 Haul

dlp haul

I know I know, I’m 2 weeks late with my Disneyland Paris ‘haul’! Starting a new full time job this week, alongside my part-time job (I'm crazy, i know) has taken up a lot of my time but finally, here I am with a video about what I bought from Disneyland Paris this month! My trip was January 31st – February 5th, staying in Disney’s Santa Fe Hotel. Despite the cold, I had an amazing time and am already pricing up DLP again for Christmas. The merchandise at DLP wasn't as amazing as the American parks but it’s getting better, as I've heard in previous years its been pretty bad. There was lots I wanted to buy (and did buy), plus some items that I think were great value. I hope this gives you some idea as to what you can buy in Disneyland Paris, especially for those of you who are buying for adults.

Keep an eye out for my DLP Photo Diary which is coming this week to the blog, plus alot more Disney inspired fashion and beauty posts as I get settled into a better routine with work/blogging/youtube!
Have you been to Disneyland Paris? What is your favourite Disney Park purchase?


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Friday, 6 February 2015

Doing Disney as a Vegetarian

So, as some of you may not know, I have been a vegetarian for over 10 years now. This means I do eat eggs and cheese, but I don’t eat meat or any animal “by-products” such a gelatine. I’m not going to go into why I'm a vegetarian, as there is always someone who will disagree with it, I just want to say beforehand that I don’t force my choices upon others and this post is aimed to those others who are vegetarian, or who may have a vegetarian in their family and are concerned about food options when visiting Disney World. I was quite concerned when I first went out to America, as it’s seen as quite a “meat heavy” nation. Rest assured though, there are some great options in Disney (and outside of Disney if you are staying off property) to indulge in. I’m going to cover some different aspect of Disney dining and give you some key things to look out for, as there are some slip ups on Disney’s part. Note to self, take better images of my food when next in Disney, not just terribad phone pictures haha!


Full Service
Now full service restaurants are a place you are guaranteed to get a nutritious vegetarian meal that can be catered to your own needs. On the menu there is usually only one option available, and sometimes there is no option available, but if you ask your server they will either talk to the chef about it or the chef will come out to your table and suggest a dish to you. This is what I did when I last went and ate at Tony’s. There is no veggie option on the menu, so the chef came out and suggested a pasta dish and veggies he could put in it. Do check with your server if you are unsure about something being vegetarian. There is no ‘V’ next to options on the menu like there normally is in the UK, so make sure that dishes' aren't made with meat based stock or haven't been cooked in the same oil as meat. Most of the deserts I have come across are vegetarian, but again, double check with the server. I always get alot of none-veggis looking at me with a confused face when I ask about deserts, as many aren't aware that there can be gelatine or additives that are animal based, but just ask them to check with the chef or show you the ingredients list (i will talk about this abit more in the next section) and they will be more than happy to oblige.


Quick Service
This is where you have to be a little more careful. Most quick service restaurants have a veggie option in both the adult meals and kids meal, although there is some things you will need to watch out for. Fries are the biggest thing. Always ask if the fries are cooked with any meat. For example, I know in Casey’s Corner they do cook the fries and the tortilla chips with the meat (there is actually nothing suitable for vegetarians in Casey's Corner) whereas in Pinocchio's they are cooked separate. Another thing to watch for are desserts. Cast members cannot actually tell you if certain foods are veggie (this includes snacks such as ice cream and also applies when looking for food that is Kosher). Instead they will hand you a book with all the ingredients in, so I would recommend doing a little research beforehand so you can be familiar with by-products, such as e-numbers etc.


Do note that menus and ingredients to change, so I would recommend that you double check, it only take a minute at most.

Alot of the snacks I have come across at Disney are suitable for vegetarians, apart from the obvious. Again, Cast Members cannot tell you something is veggie but they can show you the ingredients book. I’ve listed some of my favourites below including 2 vegan options.

My favourite veggie snacks:
Dole Whip (vegan)
Mickey Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Bar
Popcorn sold on the outdoor carts
Mickey Mouse Pretzel (vegan)

In conclusion, Disney provide great service and food to all those with special dietary requirements, you just need to ask! Do you have any tips for eating vegetarian at Disney? I’d also love to hear what your favourite vegetarian snack or meal is!


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Monday, 2 February 2015

Hot Topic Disney Haul

hot topic disney haul

hot topic disney haul 3

hot topic disney haul 2

hot topic disney haul 4

hot topic disney haul 5

Sleeping Beauty Maleficent Jumper ($27.60)
Alice In Wonderland We're All Mad Top ($19.60)
Sleeping Beauty Hobo Bag ($15.60)
Alice in Wonderland Dress ($24.99 $1 on sale)
Tangled Silhouette Skater Dress ($24.99)
Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Tank Top ($16.40)

Hot Topic is probably one of my favourite clothing stores ever. Unfortunately, shipping to the UK is ridiculously expensive (think 60 dollars) plus added customs fees, making it none justifiable to me. A few weeks ago they had a deal on which gave half price international shipping plus 20% off the whole site, so me and my friend Rachael decided to place a joint order, splitting the shipping cost. I’ve always known Hot Topic as being an alternative clothing store in the states, but more recently it has started to do a host of pop culture themed clothing, accessories, collectibles and even homeware. More notably, there are Disney items galore, causing me to always fill up a basket then X the page due to the shipping. Clothing prices are actually pretty reasonable, especially with the pounds to dollars exchange rate, and the quality is great! I really just wish they sorted out something to make UK shipping & customs more reasonable, as we ended up paying £37 customs and $30(ish) customs. I’d be ordering from Hot Topic constantly otherwise!

Have you ever bought anything from Hot Topic?


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Saturday, 31 January 2015

Disneyland Paris Pre-Trip Report: 31st January–5th February 2015

disneyland paris pretrip report

The Cast: Myself & Rachael
Some background: Me and Rachael met through both being accepted onto the Walt Disney World International College Program for summer 2013. We soon formed a bond along with a few other girls, and ended up living together during the 9 weeks we spent working for the mouse. I think we’ve pretty much spoken nearly every single day for over 2 years, along with our other Disney roommate Hayley (who is unfortunately unable to take time off outside of kids holidays and instead is off to Disneyland California in April *jel*). We’re both pretty Disney obsessed and cannot wait to get back into the Disney bubble. Rachael also bought a selfie stick for the occasion (which wont be used during the parade and Dreams of course). Just thought i would point that out, haha!

When: Saturday 31st January – Thursday 5th February 2015
Where: Disney’s Santa Fe

Day 1: Arrival
We have an afternoon flight from Manchester to Paris and will be staying in a hotel near CDG for our first night. We booked our flights separate and it worked out cheaper going the day before and staying in a hotel in Paris for one night, plus it gives us extra time in the parks on the 1st! This evening we plan to check out the nearby area, pick up a few food bits and get an early night.

Day 2: Check in
Up bright and early to head for the airport shuttle to Disneyland! If our room isn't ready we plan to get reception to mind our bags then head straight into Disneyland Parc! We’re going to ride the Phantom Manor first (its my tradition) then take a train ride around the whole park to get our barings and just do some general exploring. Then its popping over to studios to eat at Restaurants des Stars using our meal token, before doing a little more exploration/riding what we feel like. Then its back over to Disneyland Park to catch Magic On Parade and Dreams!

Day 3: Celebrate the Magic
Our first full day in the parks! Breakfast at 7am in Santa Fe then off to extra magic hours and to hopefully, to photograph an empty Disneyland Park! We shall park hop today, spending the morning in Disneyland Parc then heading over to studios around 10-10:30 so we can catch Stars in their Cars meet and greets, with no real plan for the day other than a dining at Annette's in the evening. I'm not sure what time its open until as we’re only booking stuff when we arrive on the 1st, but preferably we want a time after Dreams. We shall hopefully spend abit of time exploring Disney Village too.

Day 4: Le Paree?
As Rachael has never been to Paris, i suggested that we head into the city one afternoon to do some sightseeing. We plan to spend the morning in the Disneyland Park, having a buffet lunch at Plaza Gardens then heading to get the train into Paris. The main sights we want to hit are the Eifel Tower and Notre Dame. This is still not 100% confirmed, we’re just going to see how we feel on the day.

Day 5: Its just so magical!
Our last full day in the parks! We’re going to try and book breakfast in Plaza Gardens (as apparently you can swap the hotel breakfast to there), taking advantage of Extra Magic Hours. No real plan for activities yet again, but doing rides, meeting characters and doing everything we haven't done so far. I want to make sure to catch Dreams and the parade again, especially if i haven't got decent vlogging footage of them. We’re also going to be eating at either Blue lagoon or Steakhouse (we think) and using our standard meal token as part payment.

Day 6: Home time =[
Luckily we only have an evening flight, so we plan to take advantage of extra magic hours and spend the morning in the parks, having another park buffet breakfast before heading off to get a shuttle to the airport. Today is probably going to consist of riding our favourite rides for the last time, meeting characters and shopping.

We are planning to catch Extra Magic Hours as much as we can and to really stay in the parks as long as we can during this trip. We’ve heard Disneyland is pretty dead during the time we’re going so I’m really hoping the weather isn't too dreadful so i can get some decent photographs and video footage! Another thing i would like to mention is this is the trip in which i am going to ride Tower of Terror for the first time. I'm actually bricking it, but Rachael made a deal with me in which she doesn't mind me vlogging if i ride it. I’m absolutely petrified of ToT so I’m expecting to be a blubbering mess haha!

dlp planning

I have gone a little into planning overdrive on this trip so have made a little (fail looking) itinerary, mostly so we can keep track of dining and limited events such as certain character meets and shows. When this post goes up I shall be preparing to leave for the airport! I will probably end up buying data while I’m over there so check out my Twitter and Instagram pages for live updates in the parks!

Have you ever been to Disneyland Paris? Do you plan holidays as much as me?


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Thursday, 29 January 2015

My Skincare Routine ft. Liz Earle, REN, Kiehl’s & Embryolisse

skincare routine ren liz earle kiehls embryolisse a

After years of trying various skincare products, thinking something is working for me then realising it isn't, switching things up and jumping on bandwagons, I’ve finally found a handful of products which work wonders. Back in May 2014 I was having a lot of trouble with my skin becoming inflamed and very sensitive. It was advised that I may be using too many products that were causing a negative reaction and to cut back. I’ve been using this combination exclusively for months, and combined with my contraceptive pill they calmed my inflamed skin and successfully combat any spots. Of course i still do get hormonal breakouts on my chin, but there's probably not much i can really do about that to be honest.

First up is Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, a cream cleanser which i have been using for many years. I use this with a muslin cloth to remove every scrap of my makeup in the evening and then again for a ‘double cleanse’, while in the morning it refreshes my skin for the day ahead. I’ve found that I don't need to use a daily exfoliator or toner with this, as the cloth does that itself. When I did use Pixi Glow Tonic alongside, it was way too harsh for my skin and caused it to become irritated after a few weeks. Next up is Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate. I love this stuff! I actually use it both morning and evening, 5 drops before bed and 2-3 drops when I wake up. It really helps keep spots at bay while improving the texture and evenness of my skintone. Another bonus is that it lasts absolutely ages! After applying the oil I apply a small amount of Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre, which when used over night has me waking up to plumper, smoother and well moisturised skin. When used in the morning, although it takes a while to sink it, it provides a great base for makeup. Finally, I use Ren’s Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask once every 1-2 weeks to give it a little extra exfoliation.

I’m finally really happy with my skincare routine and don’t plan to change it any time soon.
What skincare products do you use? Have you tried any of the products in my skincare routine?


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Monday, 26 January 2015

Mickey Mouse Moleskine 2015 Diary

mickey mouse moleskine diary 2015

mickey mouse moleskine diary

mickey mouse moleskine diary 4

mickey mouse moleskine diary 3

I know that January is almost over but I just had to share my new 2015 diary with you. A pocket diary is an essential item to have in my bag, especially as I work 2 jobs so need to be able to note down my shifts & hours worked so I can keep track. I normally get a cheap week-to-view from Tesco, but as soon as I saw this Mickey Mouse Moleskine beauty on amazon, I knew i had to have it. At £12 it was a little steep for me, especially as it is only an A6 pocket size, but it was 100% worth it. The quality is beautiful and the Disney print adds such a cute touch. It’s perfect for on the go and great for someone like me who only normally has a little bag when I’m out and about. I like that the dates are on the left page while the right hand side has space for any notes or memos for the week. I tend to note down any appointments, YouTube videos/blog posts I have going live that day and my hours worked that week. I’ve also started to add sparkly Disney stickers to any “events”, because why the heck not! The diary also comes with a pocket at the back for papers, a little desk calendar and “I'll be back” clock, which is a cute little addition.

Do you have a Moleskine diary? Do you carry a diary out and about with you?


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